The next time someone looks down on your gift because its value isn’t much, now you have the perfect rejoinder.


Chengyu   成语 Chinese proverb or idiom

Qianli song e’mao 千里送鹅毛 A swan feather from a thousand li (miles) away

Li qing qingyi zhong   礼轻情意重 The gift is light in value but heavy in meaning

Qian 千 a thousand

Li 里 a mile but specifically a Chinese mile which was about a third of a mile.

Qianli 千里 a thousand Li or a thousand miles

Song 送 to send

E 鹅 swan

Mao 毛 feather

Tang Taizong   唐太宗 The Tang emperor Taizong (Li Shimin)

Mian Bogao 缅伯高 An official from the Yunnan-Burma region

Chang’an 长安 Modern day Xian. Ancient capital of a few dynasties.

Xian 西安 Capital of Shaanxi Province

Kunming  昆明 Capital of Yunnan Province

Yunnan Province云南   A province down in the southwest of China

Hubei province  湖北 A province in Central China

Yangzi River 扬子江  Also called The Chang Jiang, China’s longest river

Xiantao   仙桃 City in Hubei province

Paihu 排湖 Lake Pai

Li 礼 a gift

Qing 轻 light, as in weight.

Qingyi 情意 affection or the positive feelings behind some action.

Zhong 重 heavy