Jack Jones is the bearded one in the image. His story is told today in this little snapshot of a not very well-known organization that operated in 1940’s China. The Friends Ambulance Unit, later re-named the Friends Service Unit, was a Quaker-funded charity that operated ambulances, provided urgent medical care and other charitable services during wartime. In China the China Convoy was created and in consort with the International Relief Committee, distributed medicines, medical supplies and equipment that aided thousands of local and usually impoverished Chinese.

The convoy service ran from 1945 to 1951. Through the discovery of the lost writings of Jack Jones, author Andrew Hicks has brought this small story back to life. It’s not a big story like the Chu-Han Contention or the Battle of Red Cliff or the Cultural Revolution. It serves as a reminder that besides the information that made it into the history books…there was this stuff happening in many other places all over China. I strongly suggest Andrews Hicks’s book, available here: http://www.fauchinaconvoy.blogspot.com and here: http://quakerbooks.org.