Laszlo is happily back in Cali with a new episode that looks at the early years of Deng Xiaoping.  Most of the narrative is based on passages gleaned from Ezra Vogel’s new biography of The Great One.  Inspired by the events of May Fourth 1919, Deng Xiaoping was a lifelong revolutionary and by the end of his days had personally seen to it that China ended up the nation it was meant to be on the world stage.  In this multi-part series on the life of Deng Xiaoping we’ll trace his life, all the triumphs aas well as the tragedies.  We’ll look at why he is lionized as one of the greatest 20th century world leaders and also why some have vilified Deng for his actions.  His life itself is an interesting prism from which to view 20th century China.

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A great man from five thousand years of Chinese history, Deng Xiaoping 1904-1995