CHP-139-Sir Edmund Backhouse Part 3

In this episode we will conclude our CHP overview of the life of Sir Edmund Backhouse, 2nd Baronet.  In this 3rd part of the series we’ll look at the last couple decades of Backhouse’s life.  Backhouse remains in Beijing amidst all the turmoil going on during the Japanese invasion and the leadup to WWII.  In his final years Backhouse will write a memoir that will engrave his name forever in the footnotes of Chinese history.

Recommended Books:

Hermit of Peking by Hugh Trevor-Roper

Décadence Mandchoue edited by Derek Sandhaus

also: The Incarnations, by Susan Barker


And a Great new podcast: Tom Tacken’s The First World War in 261 Weeks



Cixi 慈禧 The Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi

Li Lianying 李蓮英 Grand Eunuch during the reign of the Dowager Empress

Rong Lu 荣禄 Also known as Jung-lu, Cixi’s most trusted official, a major power in China.

Jing Shan 景善 a.k.a. Ching Shan, The court official whose diary Backhouse faked

Guangxu Emperor 光绪帝 The second to the last emperor of China

Jin Ping Mei 金瓶梅 Ming Dynasty novel written in the vernacular, known as The Plum in the Golden Vase or The Golden Lotus.  Considered by many to be slightly pornographic in its content.

Shangdiao 上吊 To hang oneself

Mingshi 明史 The Ming History


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