S2E10-You Smell That?-不知肉味

In the CSP Season 2 finale Laszlo picks out a good one featuring China’s most famous person from ancient times. Today with our smartphone-obsessed lifestyles you can say we too sometimes don’t notice the smell of meat.



Master Kǒng, Kǒngzi   孔子 Confucius

Lúnyǔ 论语  the Analects of Confucius

chéngyǔ   成语

Bù Zhī Ròu Wèi   不知肉味

 不 no or not

Zhī 知 to know, the verb

Bùzhī   不知 don’t know

Ròu 肉 meat

wèi   味 the taste of something

Wèi Rú Jī Lèi   味如鸡肋    tastes like chicken ribs

Chūnqiú 春秋 Spring and Autumn Period

Zhōu Dynasty   周朝 Ancient dynasty that ran from 1046-256 BCE

Yīgǔ Zuòqì   一鼓作气  From episode S2E08, give it all your got in one effort

Lǔ   鲁 State in present day Shandong

   齐 neighboring state of Lu

Línzī   临淄 Capital of Qi

Sháo   韶乐 An ancient music form of which Confucius was a big fan

Emperor Shun  舜帝 one of the mythical Five Emperors

Zībó   淄博 City in Shandong

Shāndōng   山东 Coastal province in north China

Qīng dynasty   清朝 The Qing Dynasty 1644-1911

Sān Yuè   三月 three months

sān  三   three

yuè 月 month


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