S2E06-I Love You Man!-高山流水

This is a nice musical Chinese Saying to describe a soulmate or someone who can be called your 知音 (zhīyīn)..a friend who is appreciative or understanding of a friend (and his talents). Like almost all of these Chengyu, it comes to us direct from the first half of the Eastern Zhou Period.


Chéngyǔ   成语 Chinese saying or idiomatic expression

Gāo Shān Liú Shuǐ   高山流水   Lofty Mountains and flowing waters

Lüshi Chūnqiú   吕氏春秋   The Discourses of Lü Buwei

Bùwéi  吕不韦  291-235 BCE Early Qin high up official, regent to young Qin Shuhuang

Tān Xiaǒ Shī Dà   贪小失大  To covet the small and lose the big, pennywise and pound foolish (from previous CSP Episode S1E02)

Sìchuān   四川 Province in southwest China, in ancient days, the Kingdom of Shu

Gāo 高  tall, high or lofty

Shān 山 a mountain

Gāo shān  高山  lofty mountains

Liú 流  to flow

Shuǐ  水 water

Liú Shuǐ   流水 the flowing waters of a river

Yú Bóyá   俞伯牙   Musical Jin official serving in Chu State

Zhōng Zǐqī   钟子期 Music loving woodsman

Jìn   晋国 Zhou Dynasty State, located mostly in Shanxi

Chǔ 楚国 Another Zhou Dynasty State centered around Hubei.

Qín  琴   the zither or lute

Duì Niú Tán Qín   对牛弹琴  playing a zither to an ox (cast pearls before swine)

Hanyang   汉阳   one of the tri-cities that makes up the mighty city of Wuhan

Kǒngzǐ kū Yán Huí 孔子哭颜回 Confucius Crying over the death of Yan Hui, an ancient tune from the Zhou period

Gǔzhēng 古筝 Ancient Chinese plucked instrument, over 2500 years old (not the same as a guqin 古琴)

Pípa   琵琶   Another ancient Chinese plucked string instrument


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