S2E02 – I Can’t Get it out of My Head

Have you ever experienced something, the impact of which lasted well beyond when you saw it or heard it? That’s what today’s particularly useful Chinese Saying is all about.


Chéngyǔ  成语   Chinese idiom or Saying

Hán É  韩娥   A woman from Han State gifted with beauty and a great singing voice.

Hán 韩国   One of the Warring States from the Eastern Zhou

Shānxī  山西 Province in north China

Hénán 河南  Province in north China

Eastern Zhōu Dynasty 东周 The latter part of the Zhou Dynasty.

Spring and Autumn Period  春秋时代 The first part of the latter part of the Zhou Dynasty

Yú Yīn Rào Liáng  余音绕梁 The sound reverberated among the roof beams

余 remaining or surplus

Yīn 音 sound

Rào 绕 to revolve, to coil around

Liáng   梁 common surname, the beam of a roof

Ràoliáng  绕梁   of a sound, to reverberate

Lièzǐ  列子 The Liezi. The Writings of Master Lie, one of the three main books of Daoism

Dào Dé Jīng 道德经  Also known as the Laozi or the Tao Te Ching. One of the three main books of Daoism

Zhuāngzi  庄子 Written by Master Zhuang.   One of the three main books of Daoism

Tāng Wèn 汤问  The Questions of Tāng (from the Liezi)

Tāng   汤 soup, a surname

Shang Dynasty  商朝  First Chinese dynasty in recorded history 1600 – 1046 BCE.

King Tāng  商汤  Shang Dynasty founder

  齐国  One of the two states that makes up present day Shandong

Shandong  山东  Coastal province in the north of China

Yōng Mén  雍门 The West gate at the Qi capital Linzi

Línzī  临淄  Qi State capital city, modern day Zibo, Shandong

Qiān lǐ sòng é máo   千里送鹅毛    A swan feather from one thousand li (miles) away (see CSP episode S1E03)

Lǐ qīng qíngyì zhòng 礼轻情意重 The gift is a mere trifle but carries great affection

Sān rì bù jué 三日不绝 it didn’t stop for three days

Sān rì   三日 three days

Bùjúe 不绝  was prolonged

Rào Liáng Sān Rì   绕梁三日    The sound reverberated for three days

Rào liáng 绕梁 it reverberated among the rafters

Jiāzhōu Luòshānjī  加州洛杉矶  Los Angeles, California

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