S2E01-Too Rich For My Blood

We’re back with the Season Two opener.  This time Laszlo digs deep into the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to introduce a Chinese Saying with a story that tells why some music just isn’t for everybody.


Qǔ Gāo Hè Guǎ 曲高和寡   If the tune is too highbrow no one will sing along

曲 song, a kind of sung poetry

Shī 诗  Another kind of poetry

词 Often referred to as Lyric Poetry

赋 Another kind of poetry combined with rose

Gāo 高 high or lofty

和 to join in the singing or to chime in.

Guǎ  寡 few or scant.

Chéngyǔ 成语 Chinese Saying or Idiom

Duì Chǔ Wáng Wèn 对楚王问 Replying to the Chu King’s Questions

Sòng Yù 宋玉  a handsome official and literary great (too great for his own good perhaps)

Qū Yuán 屈原 Great poet, patriot and upright official. His suicide in 278BCE inspired the Dragon Boat Festival.

Chǔ 楚国 The Chu State, headquartered in Hubei

Qín 秦国 The Qin State of the Yin Family…they were the ones to defeat all the Warring States

Mìluó River 汨罗江 River in northern Hunan where Qu Yuan drowned himself

Dòngtíng Lake  洞庭湖 Lake in northern Hunan…it divides Hunan from Hubei.

Gǔdài Sìdà Měinán 古代四大美男 the four most handsome men in Ancient China

Pān Ān 潘安 (也潘岳) the Western Jin literary great and one of the four good lookin’ guys from ancient China along with……

Gāo Chǎnggōng 高长恭   Gao was a general in the Northern Qi and also a handsome devil

Wèi Jiè  卫玠  Jin dynasty official. Fifty women knockin’ on his door!

Yáng Chūn Bái Xǔe 阳春白雪 Sunny Spring and White Snow – a big hit from ancient China

Kūn fish 鲲 A huge legendary fish which could change into a roc (鹏)




  • Laszlo Montgomery: Can you insert the actual Chinese characters into the title? It would help a lot if we can see the actual characters and use them to do further research.

    • Consider it done Will…I’ll adjust all back episodes and make the change going forward. I think it is better to have them than to not have them. Thanks Will for the suggestion.

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