S1E10 – Betting the Bank

In this last episode of the first season of the Chinese Sayings Podcast, Laszlo explains the scuttlebutt behind the loyal official who wagered a dynasty in one single bet – Gū Zhù Yī Zhì.


Zhōu Dynasty   周朝 Ancient dynasty that ran BCE 1046-256

Sòng Dynasty   宋朝 Dynasty in China….960-1279

Zhēnzōng   真宗 Third Song Dynasty emperor

Zhào Kuāngyìn   赵匡胤 Song Dynasty founder, a.k.a. Sòng Tàizǔ

Gū Zhù Yī Zhì 孤注一掷 To bet it all on one throw of the dice

孤 alone, solitary

Zhù 注 the stakes, as in a gambling wager

Gūzhù 孤注 a single wager….

   一  the number one.

Zhì   掷 to throw (dice)

Yīzhì   一掷  One throw of the dice

Kòu Zhῠn   寇准  Great chancellor in Chinese history, served 1004-1006

Wáng Qīnruò   王钦若 Song chancellor from 1017-1019

Liáo Dynasty   辽朝 Khitan Dynasty in north China… 907-1125

Qìdān   契丹 The Khitan People

Ābǎojī   阿保机   Great Khitan leader and founder of the Liao Dynasty

Nánjīng   南京 Capital of Jiangsu province

Chén Yáosǒu  陈尧叟  High ranking official during Northern Song

Kāifēng   开封   Capital of Northern Song, located in Henan

Chányuān   澶渊 A town about a hundred miles north of Kaifeng

Chányuān Zhī Méng   澶渊之盟 A treaty that brought relative peace between Liao and Song….at a high price

Sòng Shū  宋书 the Book of Song

Chéngyǔ Yánjiū Zhōngxīn 成语研究中心 The Chengyu Research Center


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  • Hi, I think there is a mistake:
    Zhì 注 to throw (dice)
    Should say:
    Zhì 掷 to throw (dice)

    Thank you! Love these Chengyu podcasts.

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