Laszlo serves up yet another good one…Gǎn Ēn Tú Bào….. An ancient story teaches us when someone does ya a solid…don’t forget to show your gratitude by paying them back one day. 

Terms from this Episode

Gǎn Ēn Tú Bào 感恩图报  To Repay a Kindness

Gǎn 感   thankful, to thank or to appreciate

Ēn 恩 grace, kindness, a favor or help

Gǎn Ēn  感恩   Appreciate or be thankful for the kindness, appreciate the favor

Gǎn Ēn Jié  感恩节  Thanksgiving holiday.

Tú 图 to intend to do something, to plan to

Bào 报 to pay back or reciprocate

Tú Bào 图报   to intend to reciprocate or pay back…

Shǐ Jì  史记 the Records of the Grand Historian

Sīmǎ Qiān   司马迁 Great Historian from the Han Dynasty, wrote the Shi Ji

Wú State   吴国 Ancient Zhou Dynasty state around Zhejiang-Jiangsu

Chūnqiú 春秋 Spring and Autumn era of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Lǎozi   老子 Ancient philosopher and Daoism founder

Sūnzi 孙子 Sun Tzu, writer of the Art of War

Wǔ Zǐxū   伍子胥 Great Wu era general and paragon of loyalty

Zhèng   郑国  State during the Zhou Dynasty

Luòyáng   洛阳 Ancient capital of China, located in Henan

Zhōu Dynasty   周朝 Ancient Dynasty of China

Zhèng Dìng Gōng  郑定公 King Ding of Zheng reigned 529-514 BCE

Wǔ and Wú 武 / 吴 Third tone Wǔ and second tone Wú

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