S1E08-The Hu and the Hu

Back to the Warring States period once again to a story that brings us a story that many of us are all too familiar with.


Chengyu 成语 Chinese Saying or Proverb

Eastern Zhou Dynasty 东周  The entire Zhou Dynasty ran from 1046-256 BCE. This period divided up by Western Zhou 1046-771 BCE and Eastern Zhou 1046-256 BCE.

Qin Dynasty    秦朝 The first dynasty in Imperial Chinese history

Zhànguó Cé   战国策 Strategies of the Warring States…one of the few primary sources of those times.

Kingdom of Chu 楚国   A very powerful kingdom in its day. Comprises present day Hubei-Hunan and parts of China stretching from Chongqing to Shanghai.

Chǔ Xuān Wáng 楚宣王   The Chu King from 369-340 BCE

Hú Jiǎ Hǔ Wēi   狐假虎威 The fox borrows the Tiger’s Might

   狐 a fox

Jiǎ   假 to borrow

Jiǎ 狐假 A fox borrows….

虎 a tiger.

Wēi    威 power, might, strength, prestige.

Húwēi 虎威 the might or power of the tiger.

Hán   韩国 a Warring State located today in parts of Shanxi and Henan

Wèi 魏国 Another of the Warring States located in the China heartland areas of Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and Shandong

State 齐国 located in present day Shandong

Zhāo Xīxù 昭奚恤 a feared Chu general during the Warring States period

Jiāng Yǐ   江乙 Minister to King Xuan of Chu

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