S1E07-The Entourage

A noble lord accepts an ill-fated job offer and relies on his entourage to extricate him from his situation.


Shǐ 史记 the Records of the Grand Historian

Sīmǎ Qiān   司马迁 China’s most famous historian

Sīmǎ Tán   司马谈 Father of Sima Qian and the one who started work on the Shi Ji

Jīmíng Gǒudào   鸡鸣狗盗 To crow like a rooster and snatch like a dog

 鸡 a chicken or rooster

Míng  鸣   the sound or a cry from an animal…a bird, an insect…

Jīmíng  鸡鸣the rooster’s crow

Gǒu  狗 a dog

Dào  盗 a robber, a thief or means to steal something

King Zhāoxiāng 秦昭襄王Qín king who reigned 307 to 250 BCE, great grandfather of Qín Shǐhuáng (秦始皇)

Shǎnxī   陕西 Ancient province in China

Shāndōng   山东   Ancient province in China

   齐国   One of the two principle states of Shandong Province

Lǔ   鲁国 The other state of Shandong

Qí Lǔ Liǎngguó   齐鲁两国   The two states of Qi and Lu

Mèngcháng Jūn   孟尝君   Powerful noble from Qi, admired by Qin

Mén Kè   门客 “Door Guests” or hangers on

mǎnyuè   满月 Special celebration for a son’s first month

Xiânyáng 咸阳   Capital of Qin

Xīān   西安   Capital city of Shaanxi…site of ancient past capitals of China

Lord Jīngyáng 泾阳君 King Zhaoxiang’s brother

Yàn Jī 燕姬 the king’s favorite concubine

xiǎng bànfǎ   想办法 Think of a way

Sānménxiá   三门峡   City on the Yellow River located in Henan

Hángǔ Pass 函谷关  A pass just outside of Sanmenxia


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