S1E06-Welcome to the Jar

This week Laszlo digs up another doozie, starring some Tang Dynasty inquisitors in the employ of China’s one and only Empress to rule as the head of state.


Tang Dynasty  唐朝 Chinese dynasty that ran 618-907

Qǐng Jūn Rú Wèng 请君入瓮To Invite the gentleman into the urn.

Qǐng 请 to invite

Jūn 君 a gentleman

入 to enter

Wèng 瓮 earthenware vase or urn

Song Dynasty   宋朝 Chinese dynasty that ran 960-1279

Zīzhì Tōngjiàn   资治通鉴 “Comprehensive Mirror in Aid of Governance.”

Sīmǎ Guāng 司马光 Song Dynasty renowned scholar official, lived 1019-1086

Shénzōng   神宗 Song emperor from 1048-1085

Táng Jì   唐记 the Annals of Tang

Zhōu Xìng   周兴 An official in the employ of the Tang Dynasty version of the Gong’an or Public Security Bureau.

Kāng Shēng   康生 Chief of CCP Secret police in pre-Liberation times

Empress Dowager Cíxǐ Tàihòu 慈禧太后 The Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi (Tzu-Hsi)

Wǔ Zétiān   武则天 One-time empress of China, founder of her own “dynasty”.

Zhōu Dynasty   周朝  Wu Zetian’s dynasty that lasted from 690-705

Lái Jùnchén   来俊臣 The Tang Dynasty Secret Police Chief

Qiū Shénjī 丘神勣 a General in the Tang Army

Lao Zhou   老周 “Old” Zhou…like saying “Old Boy”

Chang’an   长安 Present day Xian, Shaanxi…but back in the Tang the place was known as Chang’an.

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