S1E05-Should I save or should I throw?

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Laszlo digs up another oldie but goodie from 1,800 years ago. Everyone has nibbled on chicken ribs at one time or another. Bon appétit mesdames et messieurs!


Eastern Hàn 东汉 The The second half of the Han Dynasty, CE 25-220

Cáo Cāo 曹操 Chancellor to the Han Emperor and great military power in the north

Chéngyǔ 成语 Sayings, Idioms

Book of Wèi   魏书   One of the scrolls from the Record of the Three Kingdoms

Sān Guó Zhì 三国志 the Records of the Three Kingdoms

Luó Guànzhōng 罗贯中 Author of the Chinese classic novel: Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Wèi Rú Jī Lèi 味如鸡肋 Tastes like chicken ribs

Wèi 味  the flavor or taste of something

如 like, as, or as if

Wèi Rú 味如 the taste is like or this tastes as if…..

 鸡 a chicken

Lèi   肋 ribs

Jī lèi   鸡肋 chicken ribs.

Cáo Pī 曹丕 Son of Cao Cao who founded the Wei Kingdom

Guātián Lǐxia   瓜田李下 Chengyu from episode one, In the melon field and under the plum tree

Wèi   曹魏 Kingdom of Wei, one of the Three Kingdoms

Shǔ 蜀汉 Kingdom of Shu, one of the Three Kingdoms

   孙吴 Kingdom of Wu, one of the Three Kingdoms

Shǎnxi 陕西 Province in north China, capital at Xian

Hànzhōng   汉中 City in southern Shaanxi

Hàn Dynasty   汉朝 Great ancient dynasty that ran from BCE 206 – CE 220

Liú Bāng   刘邦 Founder of the Han Dynasty, a.k.a. Han Gaozu

Xiàng Yǔ   项羽 The Overlord of Chu who rose to power after the fall of the Qin

Chǔ Hàn Contention   楚汉战争 The big final showdown between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang

Liú Bèi   刘备 The King of Shu State

Yèchéng, 邺城 an ancient district in Hebei, present day Línzhāng County.

Línzhāng County   临漳县 County located in between Handan and Anyang in southern Hebei Province

Yáng Xiū   杨修 Ill-fated advisor to Cao Cao who lived CE 175-219


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