S1E04 – Robert Fortune’s Wanderings in China Part 4

In this excerpt from Robert Fortunes first best-selling book we hear about his first encounter with tea in China, the thing for which he is best remembered.  Up until this point, very little was known in the West about how China turned raw leaves into one of the ultimate delights of mankind.  Fortune here begins to solve the riddle.


  • The Sound Cloud download option isn’t enable for this episode’s podcast, and the Chinese Saying episode 6 podcast Welcome to Jar also doesn’t have download enabled on Sound Cloud.

    Thank you so much for these podcasts.

  • Hey Lazlo,

    I think that you are being a bit tough on old sir Robert in your introductions – some of his opinions sound pretty harsh to 21st century ears, but for a man of his time he seems to be an enlightened, fair and honest bloke.

    Really enjoying the series, but just thought I’d shout up a bit of support for the old guy!

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