S1E04-A lousy place to fish

This week’s Chengyu phrase features no less a personage than the great philosopher Mencius himself, Mengzi to the cognoscenti. In this chengyu Mengzi preaches a lesson of peace to the King of Qi State in Shandong province.


chéngyu 成语 saying or idiom

Yuán Mù Qiú Yǔ 缘木求鱼 Climb a tree to catch a fish.

Yuán 缘 reason, edge, along, predestined relationship

 木wood or tree

Yuán Mù 缘木 to climb a tree

Qiú 求 to seek or look for.

 鱼 fish

Qiú yú 求鱼 to seek a fish

Zhōu Dynasty 周朝 Ancient Chinese dynasty 1046 – 256 BCE

Western Zhōu   西周 1046-771BCE

Eastern Zhōu   东周   771-256 BCE

Spring and Autumn period   春秋 771-476 BCE (1st part of Eastern Zhou)

Warring States period 战国 475-256 BCE

Duke of Zhōu   周公 Son of Zhou founder, regent to third Zhou king and a whole lot more

Mèngzǐ  孟子  Mencius, Confucius’s best known follower

Shāndōng   山东 province in North China

Hénán   河南 province in North China

Héběi   河北   province in North China

Shānxī   山西   province in North China

Shǎnxī   陕西 province in North China

Qí  齐国 present day Shandong province

King Xuān of Qí 齐宣王 King of the Qi State 319-301 BCE



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