S1E03-A Sincere Gift of a Mere Trifle

The next time someone looks down on your gift because its value isn’t much, now you have the perfect rejoinder. (Click “continue reading” for terms used in this episode.)


Chengyu   成语 Chinese proverb or idiom

Qianli song e’mao 千里送鹅毛 A swan feather from a thousand li (miles) away

Li qing qingyi zhong   礼轻情意重 The gift is light in value but heavy in meaning

Qian 千 a thousand

Li 里 a mile but specifically a Chinese mile which was about a third of a mile.

Qianli 千里 a thousand Li or a thousand miles

Song 送 to send

E 鹅 swan

Mao 毛 feather

Tang Taizong   唐太宗 The Tang emperor Taizong (Li Shimin)

Mian Bogao 缅伯高 An official from the Yunnan-Burma region

Chang’an 长安 Modern day Xian. Ancient capital of a few dynasties.

Xian 西安 Capital of Shaanxi Province

Kunming  昆明 Capital of Yunnan Province

Yunnan Province云南   A province down in the southwest of China

Hubei province  湖北 A province in Central China

Yangzi River 扬子江  Also called The Chang Jiang, China’s longest river

Xiantao   仙桃 City in Hubei province

Paihu 排湖 Lake Pai

Li 礼 a gift

Qing 轻 light, as in weight.

Qingyi 情意 affection or the positive feelings behind some action.

Zhong 重 heavy




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