CHP-127-The Birth of US-China Relations

In this episode we take a look at the circumstances and times when the brand spanking new nation of the USA came a calling to China for the very first time. The so-called “Most Important Relationship in the World” had very humble origins indeed. When representatives of the United States first arrived in Canton in August 1783 they really had a lot of explaining to do about who they were and where they came from. Repeatedly they had to explain to the Chinese who interacted with them that they weren’t British. Continue reading “CHP-127-The Birth of US-China Relations”

CHP-125-Zhuge Liang

In this episode we explore the life and times of Zhuge Liang (181-234 AD). He’s a very good example of a well-known name from Chinese history that many have heard of but aren’t quite sure why. He lived during the Eastern Han and Three Kingdoms periods. Zhuge Liang is mostly remembered for his cleverness and many consider him right up there with Sunzi (Sun Tzu) as far as the works of strategy and military science he left behind. Continue reading “CHP-125-Zhuge Liang”

CHP-124-Sir Y.K. Pao

Today after a month-long break the China History Podcast is back with another episode. This time we look at the life and times of Sir Y.K. Pao. In telling the story of Sir Yue-kong Pao (Bao Yugang in Mandarin) we can also relive the periods in China and Hong Kong during the 1960’s, 70’s and into the 80’s. Through the life of Sir Y.K. Pao we can also look back on those difficult times between China and Britain that preceded the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration in December 1984. Sir Y.K. lived an amazing but all too brief life and was one of the early Hong Kong Chinese to rush to aid China when Deng Xiaoping emerged and began setting China on the path of reform and opening up to the world. Continue reading “CHP-124-Sir Y.K. Pao”

CHP-083-The Cultural Revolution Part 1

By popular demand Laszlo begins to trace the history of the Cultural Revolution.  This week’s episode looks at the events leading up to the moment in 1966 when Mao called for the people to Bombard the Headquarters and to tear down the government.

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Terms used in this episode:

  • Dazibao 大字报 Big Character Poster
  • Paoda Silingbu 炮打司令部 Bombard the headquarters
  • Dayuejin 大跃进 The Great Leap Forward
  • Liu Shaoqi 刘少奇 President of China – Primary target of Cultural Recvolution
  • Hai Rui 海瑞 Upright Ming Dynasty official remembered for his honesty and daring to speak up to the emperor
  • Jiajing 嘉靖 Emperor during the Ming Dynasty
  • Wu Han 吴晗 Vice Mayor of Beijing, man of letters, writer of the play Hai Rui Dismissed
  • Hai Rui baguan 海瑞罢官 Play written by Wu Han that helped spark the Cultural Revolution
  • Peng Dehuai 彭德怀 Military hero, defense minister, dismissed at Lushan Conference
  • Chen Yun 陈云 One of the Eight Immortals in the 80’s, noted economic planner
  • Yang Shangkun 杨尚昆 One of the Eight Immortals in the 80’s, President of China 1988-93, Vice-chairman of CMC
  • Lin Biao 林彪 Military hero and later Mao’s successor after the fall of Liu Shaoqi
  • Zhu De 朱德 One of the founders of the PLA, great military hero, Mao’s right hand man in the earliest days
  • Lushan Conference 庐山会议 July 1959 meeting in Lushan, Jiangxi province to discuss the Great Leap Forward and where Peng Dehuai was dismissed
  • Mao Zhuxi yulu 毛主席语录 The Little Red Book  (Quotations from Chairman Mao)
  • Xuexi leifeng 学习雷锋 Study Lei Feng
  • Lei Feng 雷锋 PLA soldier whose early and tragic death was used for a political campaign before and during the Cultural Revolution
  • Jiang Qing 江青 Mao’s wife, Cultural Revolution villain and part of the Gang of Four
  • Kang Sheng 康生 Former Secret Police Chief and later considered the “godfather” of the Cultural Revolution
  • Mingzhou 明州 former name of the historic and ancient city of Ningbo
  • Peng Zhen 彭真 One of the Eight Immortals in the 80’s, Beijing Mayor and Party boss.  Later the first victim of the Cultural Revolution
  • Wu Lengxi 吴冷西 Part of the Five Man Group and in charge of People’s Daily
  • Lu Dingyi 陆定一  Part of the Five Man Group and Minister of Culture
Chairman Mao Zedong

CHP-048 The Founding of the CCP

Thanks and 非常感谢 to listener Steaven who alerted me that the July 1st podcast was cut-off two thirds of the way through.  After rallying the entirety of the resources here at the China History Podcast, we were able to resolve the problem and have re-uploaded this episode. Our profoundest apologies.  In commemoration of the festivities in China marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, today we look at the events leading up to the CCP’s 1st Party Congress in Shanghai.  It was nine decades ago on this day on July 1, 1921 that the thirteen delegates of the Party participated in this historic event that began in Shanghai and finished off in the city of Jiaxing.

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CHP-034 The Ming Dynasty Part 4

We finish off our overview of the Ming Dynasty in this episode and also trace the rise of the Manchu’s.  The period from the Jiajing emperor to the tragic suicide of the Chongzhen emperor saw a slow and steady decline in the fortunes of  the Ming dynasty.

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The tragic ending of the last Ming emperor Chongzhen 重振帝