CHP-179-The Ancient History of Silk

Thanks to Carole in Virginia for giving me enough of a push to get this episode finally produced.  This might have been one of the first ten topics I came up with when I began writing the original list back in 2010.  The history of silk is really an amazing testament to humankind’s ingenuity and the randomness of life since Neolithic times. I hope you enjoy this episode.  It turned out to be a much greater story than I was ever aware of. Continue reading “CHP-179-The Ancient History of Silk”

CHP-176-The History of the Teochew People

In this episode Laszlo explains a little about the “Gagi Nang”, the 自己人, known the world over as the Teochew (Chiu Chow or Chaozhou) people. Like the Hakka people, the Teochew’s were originally from the Yellow River Valley and migrated to their present location on the Guangdong coast via Fujian province. Their language and culture is unique. Their food and Chaozhou culture is celebrated in more places than Chaozhou and not just by the people from that region. There are Chaozhounese people on every continent except maybe Antarctica. They’re a proud group of people with a collective track record that is admirable by any standards of human achievement. The only mentions in this episode were of the Teochew’s of South East Asia and the US. There are plenty of other lesser known or unknown histories of Teochew’s in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America and of course Australia and New Zealand. The great 19th century Chinese diaspora is filled with stories, legends and historic events. The Chiu Chow people are a major part of everything that happened. They contributed not only to the society and the economy of their adoptive homelands, they still kept their ties with the eight districts of Chao-Shan.

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Yujia Zhao – Everything Else

I’m a Chinese girl living in Chicago, fascinated by different cultures. Having lived in both worlds, I feel that eastern and western culture are indeed very different and sometimes the opposite, but such difference is also very inspiring and thought-provoking. I truly believe either side can greatly benefit from learning about the other.

CHP-153-The History of Opium in China

In this episode Laszlo examines remarks made by distinguished UCLA Professor of Public Policy Mark Kleiman who had commented on Britain’s participation in the Opium War. The main point was that the cause of the Opium War was due more to protecting imperial tax revenues and the domestic market than trying to stamp out the opium problem. Opium’s history in China began centuries before, at least during the Tang and maybe as far back as the Eastern Jin. The focus of this episode is on opium’s history in China prior to the Opium War.
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CHP 150 The History of the Hakka People

In this milestone 150th CHP episode Laszlo shines a light on the Hakka people and where they fit in Chinese history. There are no shortages of authoritative sources that all disagree as to their origins ands when the Hakka’s migrated from where to where. Legends and stereotypes surrounded this sub-group of Chinese. But one thing is for sure they  have carved an indelible spot in worldwide Chinese culture. More than 80 million Hakka’s call this solar system their home. Fifty minutes hardly offers a comprehensive look at any culture, let alone 客家文化.  In this episode Laszlo offers a general overview. As always there is plenty of reading you can do and videos you can watch that give you a more satisfying meal than this episode can. Continue reading “CHP 150 The History of the Hakka People”

CHP-128-The History of American Chinese Cuisine

After a record-breaking pause in the action Laszlo is back with one last episode to finish of 2013. This time we look at the interesting and amusing history of Chinese cuisine in America, an oft-requested topic here at the China History Podcast. This is a history that goes hand-in-hand with the earliest Chinese immigration to the US. If you’re interested to learn more on the subject check out Andrew Coe and Jennifer 8 Lee’s books: Continue reading “CHP-128-The History of American Chinese Cuisine”

S1E01-Robert Fortune’s Wanderings in China

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the China Vintage Hour. Robert Fortune’s adventures were covered previously in the China History Podcast’s 10-Part History of Tea Series. In this episode today we read excerpts from Fortune’s first book written about his maiden voyage to China from 1843 to 1845 as the appointed botanical collector for the Royal Horticultural Society. He was one of the first ones to penetrate into after the Treaty of Nanjing.

The book: “Three Years Wanderings in the Northern Provinces of China” published by John Murray, Albemarle Street, London, 1847

CHP-181-The Early Years of Sino-Russian Relations

After more than 40 days wandering in the desert Laszlo is back with a topic that languished on the list for more than six years. At last the early years of Russia-China relations can see the light of day (here at Teacup Media, that is). As you can see, this is another one of those hour plus episodes that was not long enough for two episodes and a bit overly long for one. Basically this covers the beginnings back in the late Ming when they first met and mostly in the Qing where all the history happened. This isn’t a particularly deep dive on the subject. I first give you a 走马看花 view of the history of Russia’s expansion east and how they ended up on the doorstep of Manchuria. Hope you don’t mind. Continue reading “CHP-181-The Early Years of Sino-Russian Relations”

CHP-177-William Mesny Part 1

In this first part of a two-part series we examine the forgotten life of William Mesny. Drawing from author David Leffman’s 2016 book “The Mercenary Mandarin,” Laszlo discusses an unknown character from the bad old days of late Qing Dynasty China. Though he never made it to the history books, he nonetheless witnessed and took part in a lot of it. Through Mesny we can once again wander through some of Imperial China’s worst years.
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CHP-175-Su Dongpo

In this 175th episode Laszlo gives the great Northern Song jack-of-all-literary-trades Su Dongpo the once over. This isn’t meant to be a deep dive into the reasons for all his renown in literature, calligraphy and painting. Instead, this is just a “popular Chinese historical” overview of who he was and the times he lived in.  And for those who never heard of him, this is a good intro. In America we have Washington Irving, Mark Twain, Hemingway and so on. In China….Su Dongpo would be mentioned when rattling off their best of the best. He was definitely a major guy not only in the Song, but in the overall world of Chinese culture as well. Continue reading “CHP-175-Su Dongpo”