CSP-S2E09-Whole Lotta Love-琴瑟和鸣

Laszlo tells a story of true love between two literary famosas from the Song Dynasty. Theirs was the perfect love that contained all the ingredients of marital bliss except length of years together.


Northern Sòng 北宋 The first half of the Song Dynasty that ran from 960 to 1127 when the capital was at Kaifeng.

Hángzhōu 杭州   Capital of the Southern Song 1127-1276, called Lin’an back then. Today the capital of Zhejiang Province.

Eastern Zhōu Dynasty 东周 The latter half of the Zhou Dynasty. Eastern Zhou ran 770-225 BCE

Spring & Autumn Period 春秋   First half of the Eastern Zhou, approximately 771-476 BCE

Warring States Period 战国 The second half of the Eastern Zhou, 475-221 BCE

Qín Sè Hè Míng 琴瑟和鸣   The Qin and Se play their sounds together, marital bliss

Qín   琴   a general term for a stringed instrument, today referred to as a seven stringed gǔqín (古琴)

瑟 a larger instrument with 25-50 strings

Qín Sè 琴瑟    The Qín and the Sè

   和   to join in the singing or to chime in with others.

Míng 鸣 The sound of an animal, a musical sound

Jī Míng gǒu Dào   鸡鸣狗盗   Crow like a cock and Snatch like a dog…use low-handed tricks to get what you want

Huīzōng 徽宗 Tragic emperor of the Northern Song, a great artist too.

Ài Lán Xuān 艾兰轩   A collection of poems written during the Yuan Dynasty that followed the fall of the Song.

Zhào Míngchéng 赵明诚    1081 to 1129, giant in the field of Ancient Chinese epigraphy, husand of Li Qingzhao

Lǐ Qīngzhào 李清照 One of China’s greatest poets of Imperial times. She lived from 1084-1155

Luk Yu Teahouse 陸羽茶室  Famous restaurant and tea house on Stanley Street in Hong Kong, established in 1933. They always seat me upstairs.

Shāndōng province  山东省 Northern coastal province, the land of Qi and Lu.

Sū Dōngpō 苏东坡 (Sū Shì 苏轼) Famous Northern Song era statesman, politician, poet, calligrapher, causeway builder and gastronome extraordinaire.

Jīnshí Lù 金石录  a 30-volume work on ancient Chinese epigraphy credited to Zhao Mingcheng with the assistance of Li Qingzhao

Shāng Dynasty 商朝 China’s first dynasty (1600-1046 BCE) for which written records exist

Kāifēng   开封   Capital of the Northern Song (not called Kaifeng back then)

Hēilóngjiāng 黑龙江 One of the three provinces of Manchuria in the northeast

Nánjīng   南京 Later, the capital of the Ming Dynasty and Republic of China, today the capital of Jiangsu Province.

gōngxǐ nǐ 恭喜你 Congratulations!


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