CSP-S2E08-Give it All You Got! – 一鼓作气

Back to Shandong Province and the Spring and Autumn Period to the epic Battle of Chang Shao 684 BCE to learn how underdog Lu State, by the beat of a drum, out-strategized their bigger and more powerful neighbor to the north.

Chéngyǔ 成语 A Chinese Saying or Idiomatic phrase

Zuǒ Zhuàn 左转 The Zuo Zhuan, also known as the Commentary of Zuo, a written history of the Spring & Autumn Period.

Chūn Qiú 春秋 The Spring and Autumn Annals, also the name of the era

Later Zhou 后周代 The Later Zhou Dynasty, also known as the Eastern Zhou

Yī Gǔ Zuò Qì   一鼓作气 With one beat of the drums expend all energies, a burst of energy

一 one

Gǔ 鼓 drum

Zuò 作 to do or to make

   气   breath

Qìgōng 气功 Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that keeps your life forces in balance.

Lǔ Zhuāng Gōng  鲁庄公 Duke Zhuang of Lu, reigned 693-662 BCE

Cáo Guì  曹刿 Duke Zhuang’s chief counselor

Mòzi 墨子 Founder of Mohism, an early philosopher during the Golden Age in China, also the name of the work credited to him.

Qí Lǔ Liǎng Guó  齐鲁两国 The two states of Qi and Lu (that make up the province of Shandong)

Shāndōng  山东 Coastal province in north China

Chángsháo zhī Zhàn  长勺之战 The Battle of Chang Shao in 684 BCE that saw the underdog Lu defeat the numerically superior Qi Army (thanks to Cao Gui’s Yi Gu Zuo Qi strategy.

Láiwú  莱芜   Laiwu, a city in central Shandong

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