S1E01-Take care in that melon field!

In the inaugural episode of the Chinese Sayings Podcast Laszlo introduces one of his favorites from his earliest days: Guā Tián Li Xià.  瓜田李下. This one goes all the way back to the early days of the Three Kingdoms Period. The lesson it teaches us is to watch yourself when you’re in circumstances that might possible be misunderstood and show you in a suspicious light.

Terms from Episode CSP-001


Guā Tián Lǐ Xià 

Chengyu 成语 Chinese saying or idiomatic expression

Gua  瓜  A melon

Tian  田  A field

Li   李  A plum or plum tree, also the surname Li (Lee)

Xia   下  Underneath, below

君子防未然, 不处嫌疑间,瓜田不纳履,李下不整冠。

Jūnzǐ fáng wèirán, bù chù xiányí, guātián bù nà lǚ, lǐ xià bùzhěng guān.

A gentleman, in order to prevent suspicion, never ties his laces in a melon field and never adjusts his hat under a plum tree.

Cao Cao  曹操  Chancellor from the late Eastern Han

Cao Zhi  曹植  Son of Cao Cao

Cao Pi   曹丕   Son of Cao Cao and founder of the Wei Kingdom

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