CHP 2013 New Year Greeting

Although it’s late by a few days, Laszlo finally uploads his 2013 New Years Greeting to all listeners of the China History Podcast.  Thanks everyone for all your kind emails, comments and endless encouragement.  The China History Podcast will strive to bring you another year of enlightenment covering topics from 5,000 years of Chinese history (but not necessarily every week).Gunpowder


  • Happy New Year to you, too! I want to personally thank you for creating and keeping up this podcast! You have motivated me to learn more about China and even start my own podcast to celebrate Chinese culture in my hometown of San Antonio. We have a large medical community here, and there are a lot of Chinese people working for the medical industry. In turn, there are many businesses and Chinese culture organizations that can be explored and revealed to the greater consciousness. I really love China and Chinese language and culture, and I want to share that love in a way that I can share with others while illuminating their own hometown and the amount of color it has.

    Thank you, again, Laszlo, and I hope for the best for you and your family in 2013!

  • Lazlo, I’ve been a dedicated listener since your first episode. I discovered podcasting at the same time that you started this project, and I haven’t missed a single episode. The sound quality has never bothered me, and your ability to clearly tell the history in an engaging way has caused me to recommend the podcast to countless friends. For me, China is a strong part of my life, and you podcast helps me understand it much more than I could otherwise hope to. Thanks for all you hard work, and happy new year!

  • Dear Laszlo. I am loving your podcast. Your English is so good and the information that you delivere is full of knowledge. I teach English in Brasil and am learning so much from your podcast. Love China culture as well.

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