CHP-142-The History of Tea Part 3

In Part 3 of the CHP ten-part history of tea series we look at the life of the Tea Saint, Lu Yu and his great work The Classic of Tea.


Lu Yu  陆羽  Lu Yu

Cha Jing茶经 The Classic of Tea

Shen Nong  神农  Shen Nong, the Divine Farmer

Tianmen 天门  Birthplace of Lu Yu

Hubei ren  湖北人  someone from Hubei

Longgai Temple  龙盖寺  Dragon Cloud Monastery

Chan Buddhist  禅宗  Better known as Zen Buddhism

Li Qiwu  李齐物  Tang royal who served as governor in Tianmen

Zou Fuzi  邹老夫子  One of Lu Yu’s earliest teachers and tea masters

Cui Guofu  崔国辅  Tang official who replaced Li Qiwu and served as another mentor of Lu Yu

Jiangsu  江苏  Province in the east of China

Zhejiang  浙江  Province just south of Jiangsu

Jiangxi  江西  Province south of Zhejiang

Miaoxi Monastery  妙喜寺Buddhist monastery located in Huzhou.

Huzhou  湖州  City in Jiangsu

Jiao Ran  皎然  Chan monk

Wang Bao  王褒  Western Han individual involved in a contract for a servant

Yan Zhenqing  颜真卿  Tang scholar, calligrapher and official

Lu Tong  卢仝  The great poet and bon vivant

Daizong Emperor  唐代宗  Tang emperor from 762-779

Dezong Emperor  德宗帝  Tang emperor from 779-805

Yongzheng Emperor 雍正帝 Qing emperor from 1722-1735

Lu Tingcan  陆廷灿  A Tea Immortal, known for his Sequel to the Cha Jing

Cha Xian   茶仙  Tea Immortal

Xu Cha Jing  续茶经  The Sequel to the Classic of Tea

Xia Dynasty  夏朝  The mythical Xia Dynasty

Zhongguo Cha wenhua  中国茶文化 Chinese Tea Culture

Ba Shu  巴蜀  The Ba Shu State in Sichuan

Zhou Gong  周公 The Duke of Zhou

Sima Xiangru  司马相如  The poetess from Qionglai in Sichuan

Jin Dynasty  晉朝  The Jin Dynasty

Hongzhi Era  弘治时代 The Ming dynasty Hongzhi emperor’s era 1487-1505

Abbot Zhiji 智积禅师  Stepfather to Lu Yu and Abbot of the Longgai Monastery

Nanling River  南凌河 River north of Yangzhou famous for its water

Tang Taizong  唐太宗  Tang emperor Taizong (Li Shimin)

Yue qi  越器  Yue ware from Yuezhou near Shaoxing

Xing ware  邢窑  Xing ware from Hebei

Nanbei Chao  南北朝  The Southern and Northern Dynasty Period

Longmen  龙门 City in Shaanxi where Sima Qian was born

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