CHP-110-The History of Hong Kong Part 10

Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher meet in Beijing during the talks leading up to the Joint Declaration.
Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher meet in Beijing during the talks leading up to the Joint Declaration.

In this episode we will conclude our History of Hong Kong overview.  We’ll look at the years following the 1967 riots and the reforms championed by Governor Murray MacLehose in the 1970’s and 80’s.  We’ll close out this series by looking at the dramatic lead up to and the signing of the Joint Declaration, the Basic Law and the handover on July 1, 1997.

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Sha Tin  沙田 Sha Tin in the New Territories
Tuen Mun  屯门  Tuen Mun in the western New Territories
Tai Po 大埔  Tai Po in the New Territories
Huang Hua  黄华  China’s Foreign Minister during the opening up years
Sheung Shui  上水 Sheung Shui in the north New Territories
Fanling  粉岭  Fanling in the north New Territories
Dixia Tielu Gongsi  地下铁路公司  The MTRC, Mass Transit Railway Corp.  One of the ultimate subways and railroads
Shek Kip Mei  石硖尾  Shek Kip Mei, site of the Christmas fire in 1953, located in northern Kowloon
Kwun Tong 官塘  District in east Kowloon, for many years the last stop on the green line.
Lianzheng Gongshu  廉政公署  The ICAC, Independant Commission Against Corruption
Y.K. Pao  包玉刚  Ningbo’s pride!  Entrepreneur who escaped chaos in China.  Became the greatest shipping tycoon of his age. Played behind the scenes role during the handover period.
Li Ka-shing  李嘉诚 HK’s greatest success story and Chaozhou’s pride!
Tang Shiu-kin  邓肇坚  Grandfather of David Tang. Entrepreneur from the early days and noted philanthropist.
Shouson Chow  周壽臣  Legendary businessman and early bridge between the west and China.  Shouson Hill in HK named after him.
Zhaoshangju Jituan  招商局集团  China Merchants Group.
Zhao Ziyang  赵紫阳  Former Party Secretary and Premier and controversial historic person since May 19, 1989.
Li Xiannian  李先念  One of the eight immortals.  Military and political great.  One of the good ones!
Ji Pengfei  姬鹏飞  Head of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office. Played major role leading to the handover.
Xu Jiatun  许家屯  Former Director of Xinhua in HK during the leadup to the handover. Succeeded by the unforgettable Zhou Nan.
Li Zhuming  李柱铭  Martin Lee, HK’s most famous liberal and promoter of democracy。 Also a lawyer of well repute.
Yiguo liangzhi  一国两制  One Country Two Systems
Lu Ping  鲁平  Succeeded Ji Pengfei as head of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office
Tung Chee Wha  董建华  HK’s first Chief Executive and former OOCL boss.
Gongxi Facai  恭喜发财  In Cantonese: Kung Hey Fat Choy.  Traditional NY greeting in HK.
Gonghe Xinxi  恭贺新禧  Another traditional New Year Greeting in China
Wanshi Ruyi  万事如意  Another lucky saying basically saying may you have good fortune in everything.


  • Hi Laszlo, really enjoyed your Hong Kong histories. It’s a unique place and one I love and have visited many times.

  • Hi Laszlo,

    Is there an email address that a listener can contact you? Rather than the “Leave a comment thing”? I couldn’t find it any where on your Website.

    The Hong Kong Histories were great. I listened to them in one felled swoop. Also thanks for upping the production values on the sound. I think you should follow the WWII History Guy’s example and ask for donations. Could you also answer more questions about your personal background, the China Companies you are working with, and consider talking more about what it is like to operate in the current China, business wise, eating, and just plain living. I have family living in TEDA for a three year stint so that has added to our general interest in China. Thanks for all the great work you are doing. Your days must have more hours in it than our.

    • Hi Mary

      You can get me anytime at

      Do I have a leave a comment thing? I’ll have to talk to my web guy about that. I hate those.

      On the home page where you see all the icons for twitter, facebook, weibo, soundcloud, youtube…there’s also one for email. I told my web guy that this isn’t conspicuous enough. He was supposed to do something about it and never did…and I never followed up. I’ll ask him again. Go ahead and email me. What is TEDA?

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