CHP-103-The History of Hong Kong Part 3

Sir Charles Elliot


  • Chuanbi Caoyue 穿鼻草约 The Convention of Chuen-pi
  • Nanjing Tiaoyue 南京条约 The Treaty of Nanjing
  • Qishan 琦善 Manchu official and Elliot’s counterpart in negotiations
  • Daoguang Emperor 道光帝 Emperor of China during the Opium Wars
  • Huangpu 黄埔 Port of Whampoa
  • Amoy 厦门 City of Xiamen in Fujian, referred to as Amoy in the old days.
  • Fuzhou 福州 City and capital of Fujian province
  • Zhoushan 舟山 Coastal city near Ningbo
  • Yang Fang  Successor to Qishan as chief negotiator with the British.
  • Yishan 奕山 Successor to Yang Fang as negotiator with the British
  • Gough Hill 歌赋山 Ge Fu Shan – Pricey area on The Peak named after Sir Hugh Gough
  • Bai Jia Shan 栢架山 Mt Parker
  • Zhenjiang 镇江 Zhenjiang, city in Zhejiang known for vinegar
  • Bu Pingdeng Tiaoyue 不平等条约 Unequal Treaties
  • Bo Dian Zha   砵甸乍  Henry Pottinger

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