CHP-102-The History of Hong Kong Part 2

View of the factories at Canton
View of the factories at Canton

In part two of Laszlo’s overview of the history of Hong Kong, we look at the Canton System and the leadup to hostilities that culminated in the Treaty of Nanjing that ceded Hong Kong in perpituity to the British crown.  In this episode we’ll get as far as the Convention of Chuenpi of January 20, 1841.

Here, Hong Kong was ceded to Britain but neither side was satisfied with this temporary settlement.  In Part 3 we’ll see this Convention repudiated and hostilities will quickly resume which ultimately leads to the first of the despised (on the Chinese side anyways) unequal treaties.

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  • Haijin  海禁  A ban on seatrade
  • Cheung Sha Wan 长沙湾  A district in west Kowloon in HK
  • Zhu Yuanzhang  朱元璋 Ming Dynasty founder (also Hongwu Emperor)
  • Zheng Chenggong  郑成功  Ming dynasty loyalist and longtime thorn in the side of the Qing
  • Lin Zexu  林则徐 Sent down to Canton by the emperor to deal with the opium problem
  • Liu Bei  刘备 Great warlord of the Shu State who, along with Sun Quan, defeated Cao Cao
  • Zhoushan  舟山 Coastal city just east of Ningbo
  • Chuanbi Caoyue 穿鼻草约   The Convention of Chuenpi
  • Qishan  琦善 Also spelled as Keshan, imperial negotiator who faced off against Capt. Charles Elliot

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