CHP-101-The History of Hong Kong Part 1

hong-kong-map1-300x273Laszlo is back after another long delay.  In this shorter than usual episode, The China History Podcast presents Part 1 of a multi-part series that will explore the history of Hong Kong.

In this introductory episode, Laszlo starts at the very beginning and traces Hong Kong from the Devonian Period all the way up the end of the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century.

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  • Hey Laszlo,
    Congratulations on hitting the century mark! I thoroughly enjoyed the chat with Ray Harris. Again, thanks for all the hard work and effort in putting out all these podcasts. Without exaggeration, they’re a real treasure.
    One of the books that sparked my interest in exploring Chinese history, culture, etc. back in the mid ’70s was Barbara Tuchman’s, “Stilwell and the American Experience in China”. Perhaps that subject could be an addition to what I’m sure is a lengthy list of possible topics for future podcasts.
    All the best, an avid listener and fan,

    • Andrew:

      That book has long been on my list. I’ve had it in my library since college. I’ll be doing a podcast on this book. I can see it going a couple episodes at least. Ideally I would like to collaborate with Ray on this topic. I’ll have to talk to him about that. Rest assured. Barbara Tuchman’s book on Stilwell has been on my list of topics since day one.

  • And the countdown to CHP episode 200 begins….:D

    Hi Laszlo, I was wondering if this will be one continuous series or will you be doing a couple of episodes and then switching to another topic before returning to this subject?

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing it, whichever method you adopt.

    Longtime fan.

  • As a Hong Konger, I really enjoyed your episode. The Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui is really something and I visit it everytime I am in HK. Your Cantonese pronunciation is understandable – I don’t speak Mandarin.
    Please sir, I want more!

  • Hi Lazlo,

    I’ve been staying in Hong Kong lately and your podcast has given me an excellent overview of this amazing place’s history, and how it is as it is right now.

    Did I hear you say that Hong Kong meant ‘company town’, or was that my imagination? I’m sorry but I wouldn’t have a clue which episode it would have been mentioned. I was corrected today by my friend as we arrived at Wan Chai on the (bargain of the world!) Star ferry over from Kowloon. He assured me it meant ‘fragrant harbour’, which immediately rang a bell, and the Internet broadly concurred.

    Did I completely mishear you after all?

    Thanks so much for this series, you’re a great presenter, I’m inspired to delve further into Chinese history thanks to you!

    All the best,


    • Hi John

      You didn’t hear that from me. Even before I ever stepped foot in that place I knew it meant Fragrant Harbour. I’m glad to hear your kind comments and that I’ve given you enough inspiration to dig deeper into this rich topic. Enjoy HK! The Fragrant Harbour.

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