CHP-099-Sidney Rittenberg

Chairman Mao autograph’s Stanley Rittenberg’s copy of his Little Red Book on National Day, Oct 1, 1966.
Chairman Mao autograph’s Stanley Rittenberg’s copy of his Little Red Book on National Day, Oct 1, 1966.

In this episode we introduce American Sidney Rittenberg, 李敦白,known by the title of his 1993 book  as “The Man Who Stayed Behind.”  He arrived in China in his 20’s at the end of WWII and witnessed the Chinese Revolution from a front row seat.

When the US pulled out of China after the war, Sidney Rittenberg stayed behind with his dreams of contributing to the building of a new China.  He remained in his adoptive country for 35 years.  This episode tells his story.


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  • Song Qingling 宋庆龄 Madame Sun Yat-sen, one of the three Soong Sisters
  • Hanyang 汉阳  One of the three cities that make up Wuhan
  • Hengyang  衡阳 City in south central Hunan
  • Dabie Mountains  大别山 Mountain chain in central China
  • Taihang Mountains 太行山 Mountain chain running through Shanxi, Henan and Hebei
  • Deng Yingchao 邓颖超 Wife of Zhou Enlai
  • Kalgan 张家口 Kalgan is the Mongolian name of the present day city of Zhangjiajou.
  • Kang Keqing 康克清  Wife of Marshal Zhu De
  • Wang Zhen 王震  Effective military commander and later one of the 8 Immortals
  • Li Xiannian  李先念 Another great military man who went on to become president of China and one of the 8 Immortals
  • Ren Bishi  任弼时 Another early military leader who died a year after the founding of the PRC
  • Ma Haide 马海德  Dr. George Hatem  (See CGP-062)
  • Lushan  庐山 Scenic place in Jiangxi province where a famous conference was held during the Great Leap Forward.
  • Guanxi 关系  relation, relationship, contacts

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  • Lazslo,
    Thank you for the great podcasts! I have lived in Manzhouli, China as well as Lianyungang (Xinpu) on and off for the past ten years. I am sure you know where Manzhouli is. It is on the border of Russia, Mongolia, and China. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your podcast very much. I am I am having problems loading your podcast from your cite (the left shand side scroll bar is not there or it could be my computer).
    I have been listening to you via itunes and your shows are great!
    Once again thanks for the great history podcast.
    Lee Woodruff
    Oumeida Foreign Language School Teacher

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