CHP-097-The I Ching

The 8 Trigrams
The 8 Trigrams

Many of you have requested this topic and today the CHP delivers.  In this episode we offer a brief overview of something almost everyone has heard about but very few actually know what it is.

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  • Yijing 易经 The I Ching
  • Zhou Yi 周易 The Changes of Zhou
  • Fu Xi 伏羲 Mythical sovereign of ancient China
  • Di Xin 帝辛 The last emperor of the Shang Dynasty
  • Zhou Xin Other name of last emperor or the Shang (King Zhou)
  • Zhou Wenwang 周文王 King Wen, advanced the cause of the I Ching
  • Zhou Wuwang 周武王 Defeater of the Shang and founder of the Zhou
  • Zhou Gong 周公 Brother of King Wu, gave us the line statements of the I Ching
  • Zhi Sheng 至圣 The Great Sage, Confucius
  • Ji Chang 姬昌 King Wen’s name
  • Ji Fa 姬发 King Wu’s name
  • Ji Dan 姬旦 Name of the Duke of Zhou
  • Laozi 老子 Lao Tzu
  • bagua 八卦 The Eight Trigrams
  • liushisi gua 六十四卦 The 64 Hexagrams
  • Qin Shihuang 秦始皇 First emperor of China
  • Daodejing 道德经  The book of the Dao
  • Qian 乾 The first trigram – menas heaven and sky
  • Li 离 Another trigram, means fire
  • Yin 阴 The female aspect of Yin and Yang
  • Yang 阳 The male aspect of  Yin and Yang
  • Lun Yu 论语 The Analects of Confucius
  • Shi Yi 十翼 The Ten Wings written by Confucius
  • Yi Zhuan 易传 TheCommentaries of Yi (Change)
  • Mawangdui 马王堆 Ancient Han Dynasty tomb discovered in Changsha, Hunan
  • Luo Zhenyu 罗振玉 Discovered what the dragon bones were and where they came from
  • Kangxi 康熙 Qing emperor
  • Yongzheng 雍正 Qing emperor
  • Qianlong 乾隆 Qing emperor
  • gua ci 卦辞 The Explanation of the Hexagrams
  • yao ci 爻辞 The Explanation of the Hexagram lines
The 64 Hexagrams – King Wen Sequence
The 64 Hexagrams – King Wen Sequence


  • Thanks for so generously sharing your expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm on your China History website. Hao ji le!
    Like you, I’ve felt the draw of China since childhood…it was the smells and sounds of NYC’s Chinatown, which my family drove thru in our monthly visits to grandparents, that hooked me. I kept hoping my parents would lose me there; all the people in the streets, all the newspapers, those fascinating smells…what were they! 7-year-old me hoped my parents would wander off and forget about me. But I didn’t make it to china until 1998, in my late 40s, as a visiting artist at Sichuan Conservatory of Music (I am a flutist), and again later as an English Language Fellow for US Bureau of Cultural Affairs at Dalian University of Foreign Languages (I am an ESL teacher trainer). Spent 3 wonderful/stressful/magical years in Changchun, Dalian, and Chengdu and am considering going back when I retire from UCR next June.
    Thanks again for your inspiring website.
    Bonnie Insull

  • Thanks for your amazing work. This episode was very, very helpful for me now I’m writing a book about several oracles, dream interpretation and numerology.

    You walked me trough every piece of data I needed to getting to know this book of wisdom.

  • Can you recommend any good YouTube videos or documentaries that are more history based and not …uh…new agey western yammering? 🙂 great overview btw, many thanks!

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