CHP-095-Yue Fei

chinese-general-yue-fei-martial-arts-facts,-tales,-and-mysteries-361Like Guan Yu in the previous episode 081, Yue Fei of the Southern Song Dynasty was a heroic and legendary military man in Chinese history.  He dedicated his life to resisting the aggression of the Jurchens of the Jin dynasty.  The Jurchens had booted the Song dynasty out of northern China in 1127.  Yue Fei dedicated his short life to win back those northern lands before falling victim to imperial court politics. And this helped to make him a legend.

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  • Yue Fei 岳飞 The subject of today’s podcast
  • Guan Yu 关羽 Featured in CHP-081, sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, later made the God of War
  • Liu Bei 刘备 Sworn brother of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
  • Zhang Fei 张飞  Sworn brother of Guan Yu and Liu Bei
  • Luo Guanzhong  罗贯中 Author credited with writing The Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Zhao Kuangyin 赵匡胤 Founder of the Song Dynasty, also known as Song Taizu
  • Xixia 西夏 The Western Xia
  • Liao 辽 The Liao Khitan Dyansty or people
  • Qidan 契丹 The Khitan (Mandarin)
  • Jin Dynasty 金朝 The Jurchen Jin Dynasty (Jin first tine)
  • Yuefei Miao 岳飞庙 The Yue Fei Temple
  • Jingkang Shibian  靖康事变  The Jingkang Incident
  • dongbei 东北  Northeast
  • Kaifeng 开封 Kaifeng, Henan, capital of the Northern Song
  • Gaozong Emperor 高宗帝 First ruler during the Southern Song period, son of Huizong Emperor
  • Zhao Gou 赵構 Gaozong emperor’s family and given name
  • Prince Kang 康王 Title of Gaozong emperor before being made emperor
  • Lin’an 临安 Near present day Hangzhou, capital during the Southern Song
  • Shangqiu 商丘 Located in Henan, first site of Shang Dynasty but also where Gaozong set up the 1st Southern Song capital
  • Yangzhou 扬州 Capital for a brief time, of the Southern Song until it finally settled in Lin’an
  • Zhenjiang 镇江 The vinegar capital of China, where the Gaozong emperor fled to initially during a Jurchen invasion
  • Zhoushan 舟山 Located off the coast of Zhejiang near Ningbo
  • Shaoxing 绍兴 City just west of Ningbo and east of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province
  • Qin Hui 秦檜 The Gaozong emperor’s chief minister who has been vilified for his supposed role in the downfall and murder of Yue Fei
  • Han Shizhong 韩世忠 Military commander, along with Yue Fei, who fought off the Jurchens during the Northern and Southern Song
  • Yue Jia Jun 岳家军 The Yue Family Army
  • Qi 齐国 A puppet state during the Southern Song based on the former great kingdom near the state of Lu in Shandong
  • Zhong Xiang 钟相  Rebel leader put down during Southern Song
  • Yang Yao 杨幺 Successor to Zhong Xiang, later defeated by Yue Fei
  • Shaoxing Heyi 绍兴合议  The Shaoxing Treaty that brought peace in their time to the Southern Song
  • Hailing Wang 海陵王 Hurchen prince who went on to become emperor and had grand designs on the Southern Song.  Invaded below the Yangzi and lost.
  • Tangdao 唐岛 Site of one of the first naval battles in history
  • Caishi 采石 Site of one of the first naval battles in history
  • Xiaozong 孝宗 Successor to the Gaozong emepror. He went all the way to pardon Yue Fei and others wronged by Qin Hui and his minions
  • Ci 词 A type of Chinese lyric poetry
  • Yue Ke Grandson of Yue Fei who wrote the official biography of Yue Fei
  • Eguo Jintuo Zuibian 鄂國金佗稡编 The Biography of Yue Fei by Yue Ke
  • Sima Qian 司马迁 China’s most famous historian, writer of the Shi Ji, Records of the Grand Historian
  • Youzha gui 油炸鬼 Deep-fried ghost (rhymes with Qin Hui), the forerunner of the humble youtiao
  • Youtiao 油条 deep fried breadstick, a breakfast staple and anytime snack
  • Doujiang 豆浆 Soy Milk breakfast that pairs excellently with a golden fried youtiao
  • Jin Dynasty 晋朝 Jin, fourth tone, the dynasty that ran from 265-420AD (Western & Eastern Jin)
Yue Fei (1103-1142) standing before the words that are forever associated with him: 还我河山…”Return my rivers and mountains”


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