CHP-089-The Cultural Revolution Part 7

In this week’s episode we get all the way up to the end of 1975.  With Zhou Enlai ailing and Mao Zedong also not long for the world, there is a sudden urgency to find a successor to the chairman.  Now more than ever the two opposing camps take every measure to defeat the other.  To the victor will go the leadership of the Chinese nation.  To the loser there is certain loss of power and perhaps of freedom.  Everything is building up to the fateful year of 1976.

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  • Xu Xiangqian 徐向前 PLA Marshal
  • Ye Jianying 叶剑英  PLA Marshal
  • Nie Rongzhen 聂荣臻 PLA Marshal
  • Chen Yi 陈毅 PLA Marshal, died January 26, 1972
  • Ye Qun 叶群 Wife of Marshal Lin Biao
  • Lin Liguo 林立国 Son of Lin Biao and Ye Qun, rising star in the China air force
  • Zhang Chunqiao 张春桥 Gang of Four member
  • Jiang Qing 江青 Mao’s wife and Gang of Four member
  • Yao Wenyuan 姚文元 Gang of Four Member
  • Wang Hongwen 王洪文 Gang of Four member and at one time ranked 3rd in the CCP
  • Chen Boda 陈伯达 CCRG leader who fell from power for backing Lin Biao
  • Lushan 庐山 Scenic resort area in Jiangxi.  Site of two historic  CCP plenums
  • Jiangxi 江西 Province in southeast China
  • Lake Poyang 鄱阳湖 Largest fresh-water lake in China, located in Jiangxi
  • Wu Faxian 吴法宪 Air Force commander, Lin Biao ally and mentor of Lin Liguo
  • laobaixing 老百姓 The “old 100 surnames”, a name for the Chinese people
  • Tan Zhenlin 谭震林 old comrade of Mao from the Jinggangshan days and long time politician
  • Chen Zaidao 陈再道 General at the center of the Wuhan Incident July 20, 1967
  • Tu Deyong Given life in prison for his public brazen indictment of the Cultural Revolution.  He was given life in prison.
  • yibu yibu 一步一步 One step at a time
  • Zhu De 朱德 PLA founder and one of Mao’s oldest and closest comrades
  • Dong Biwu 董必武 Poliburo member from 1945 to 1975, old comrade of Mao
  • Li Desheng 李德生 PLA general, poliburo member as well as member of the Military Affairs Commission (MAC)
  • pi lin pi kong 批林批孔 Criticize Lin and Criticize Confucius.
Marshal Chen Yi shown on the cover of Time Magazine February 26, 1965. His death in January of 1972 gave Mao the opening to show his old PLA comrades he needed them more than ever.


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