CHP-088-The Cultural Revolution Part 6

In this episode we finish off 1969, a year that not only saw internal revolt and anarchy but also saw armed border confrontation with the Soviet Union in the freezing northeast.  Chairman Mao Zedong pulls out all the stops to quell the violence and rebellion that he himself called for at the outset of the Cultural Revolution.  Mao’s chosen successor, Lin Biao loses favor with The Great Helmsman. As China enters the 1970’s the Cultural Revolution, though tarnished, still has plenty of life left in it.

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Chairman Mao and his chosen successor Marshal Lin Biao in happier times.


  • Could you comment on how you study modern history in China. I am interested in how you sift facts and come to conclusions when there are so many distortions in official history. I am only an curious listener, and this is not a critical question. It seems like a good topic for a podcast.

    Thank you for the Kansas City shout out. if you come by again, please contact me, and I will take you out for some more BBQ.

    • Hi Clark: I use as reference library to get most of my info. It’s hard to know what’s the truth, especially prior to the 1800’s. I try and stick to the script and just do my best to make it more interesting. I’m not a teacher and certainly not a trained historian who is qualified to interpret this history. I just try and study it, package it up nicely and offer it to those listeners interested in China, but maybe not so interested that they’ll read a history book. I hope I’m back in KC soon. Great town. And Missouri is a great state.

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