CHP-087-The Cultural Revolution Part 5

In the fifth installment of our China History Podcast overview of the Cultural Revolution we look at the milestone events of 1967: The February Countercurrent, 8 Point Program, 10 Point Program and the Wuhan Incident.  Lots of blood and violence during this difficult year in China.  Added to this was no small amount of political, military and social upheavel.

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  • Chen Boda 陈伯达 CCRG top guy
  • Wang Li 王力 CCRG member, Propaganda minster, replaced Tao Zhu 陶铸
  • Tao Zhu 陶铸 Fell with Peng Zhen and Yang Shangkun
  • Xie Fuzhi 谢富治 Minister of Public Security
  • Wuchang Uprising 武昌起义 Oct 10, 1911, sparked the downfall of the Qing Dynasty
  • Wuhan 武汉 The Chicago of China, centrally located in Hubei Province
  • Chen Zaidao 陈再道 Head of the Wuhan Military Region
  • Zhong Hanhua 钟汉华 Wuhan Military Region Commissar, ally of Chen Zaidao
  • Nie Yuanzi 聂元梓 Famous for posting the first Dazibao 大字报 at Peking University
  • Heilongjiang 黑龙江 Province in the northeast
  • Shandong 山东 Province on east coast
  • Guizhou 贵州 Interior province in China, borders Guangxi, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hunan and Hubei
  • Shanxi 山西 province in north central China
  • Zhishi qingnian 知识青年 Rusticated Youth
  • Zhi qing 知青 Abbreviation of 知识青年
  • The Million Heroes 百万雄师 The pro-Chen Zaidao anti rebel faction
  • Wu Faxian 吴法宪 Head of the Air Force
General Chen Zaidao 陈再道, commander of the Wuhan Military Region (武汉军区)


      • Andrew:That book has long been on my list. I’ve had it in my library since clolege. I’ll be doing a podcast on this book. I can see it going a couple episodes at least. Ideally I would like to collaborate with Ray on this topic. I’ll have to talk to him about that. Rest assured. Barbara Tuchman’s book on Stilwell has been on my list of topics since day one.

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