CHP-075 Xi Jinping

Xi JInping left U.S. soil last night after taking in the Laker game at Staples Center.  His visit this week went off without a hitch.  Today we look at Xi Jinping’s life in the context of PRC history.  This fifth generation leader is someone who has a rich background not only in Party and military affairs but matters of state as well.  No past leader has been groomed to become Party Secretary as has Vice President Xi.

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PRC Vice President Mr. Xi Jinping


  • 我最近開始聽你的podcast. 原以為你大概是個美籍歷史學家,沒想到是位商人,那真是不簡單. 我對中國近代史很感興趣也有些涉略,但感覺到你似乎較少提到kMT或者是the civil war betweem communism and nationalism,這點是我覺得可以稍稍加強的部分.

    from 台灣年輕人

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