• we absolutely LOVE your podcasts.
    i was turned on by Kaiser and Jermey at Sinica.

    my beautiful beijing tai tai and i live in winter garden florida. she grew up right outside of 3rd ring road in the wonderful city of beijing.

    its so interesting what she was taught in school and what actually happened. a little harsh but sadly true of how the PRC schools teach their children. (ie the story of kublai khan)

    i have been practicing Putonghua for the past 5 -6 years now on my own and love to hear your chinese phrases and english explanations to certain lines.

    we have only just begun your fantastic lessons and hope by the time we catch up you will still be going strong.

    thank you again
    Bill and ChunYan

  • I enjoy your podcasts a lot and they really help shorten the 50-min commute. I went to CMC and I am delighted to hear thatyou have are based in Claremont. As a religious studies minor, I borrowed books from CST as well. Pity we didn’t meet during my undergrad years (2009-2013).

    I have not heard about Kang Sheng before this podcast. But I did some research afterwards and I found some criticisms of Dragon Claws for poor historiography. I thought that you would be interested in reading it yourself—

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