S1E02-Fen-wise and Yuan-foolish

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In this new episode (weekly, as advertised), Laszlo introduces a story from the early 4th Century BCE, the Warring States period that preceded unification of China under Qin Shihuang.  It concerns the ruler down in the southwest kingdom of Shu, centered around Chengdu. Thanks to his greediness for a small gift, he ended up losing big later on. He was so busy counting his pennies earned in a quick score that he lost sight of the pounds he’d lose down the road.  This ruler’s moment of weakness was immortalized by Lü Buwei in his highly respected Lü Shi Chunqiu who called him out as one who Tan Xiao Shi Da.

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S1E01-Take care in that melon field!

In the inaugural episode of the Chinese Sayings Podcast Laszlo introduces one of his favorites from his earliest days: Guā Tián Li Xià.  瓜田李下. This one goes all the way back to the early days of the Three Kingdoms Period. The lesson it teaches us is to watch yourself when you’re in circumstances that might possible be misunderstood and show you in a suspicious light. Continue reading “S1E01-Take care in that melon field!”