CHP-120-The Chinese Civil War Part 2

This week’s episode focuses mainly on the year 1947.  The Americans have now left and the NRA and PLA attack each other with all they got.  The years starts out well for the Nationalists as they pummel the PLA in Manchuria and in the north.  But once the summer offensive begins, it’s a steady stream of bad news for Chiang.  Ultimately with the conclusion of the bloody Siping Campaign that ended in March 1948, Manchuria was lost for good.  Chiang would never be able to win it back.  Once this feather was in Mao’s cap, plans were made to conquer the rest of China.  This would take two more years.

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CHP-019 The Han Dynasty Part 2

Today we present the second part of the Western Han Dynasty overview where we will look at the great Han emperors Wendi, Jingdi and perhaps the greatest of them all, Han Wudi.  It was a golden age in Chinese history and saw the first indirect contact between the Roman Empire in the west and Han China in the east.  The Silk Road of course was the conduit between these two great empires. Next week we will continue on with the short-lived Xin Dynasty of Wang Mang and the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Emperor Han Wudi 汉武帝



CHP-018 The Han Dynasty Part 1

In this week’s episode we look at only the first few decades of the Western Han Dynasty.  The Western Han lasted from 202BC to 8AD.  We’ll focus in on the fall of the Qin and the rise of Liu Bang who went on to found the Han Dynasty.  Liu Bang would reign as Emperor Gaozu.  Today we will look at his rise to power, his reign, his death and its gruesome aftermath.  Next week we will pick up with the reigns of Emperors Wen, Jing and Wu.  The periods of Wang Mang and the Eastern Han will wait until the 3rd installment of our Han Dynasty overview.  On another day we will return and focus in on many of the amazing stories of this golden  period.

Liu Bang 刘邦, Western Han 1st emperor Han Gaozu汉高祖



CHP-014 The Xia Dynasty

In this episode we commence our Chinese imperial dynasty overview.  It begins today with the Xia Dynasty 夏朝代. According to historiographer Sima Qian, this was the first dynasty of China.  It’s origins and its demise and everything in between have all come from sources written many centuries later.  For this reason and for reasons of lack of archaeological evidence, the Xia is called a “legendary dynasty” of China.

Yu the Great 大禹



CHP-013 Li Ka-shing

Li Ka-shing is a Hong Kong billionaire tycoon who has played a great role in not only Hong Kong’s prosperity but in China’s as well.  He is respected not only for his achievements in business and industry but also for his rise from humble beginnings in Chaozhou, China.


Mr. Li Ka-shing 李嘉诚先生