CHP-153-The History of Opium in China

In this episode Laszlo examines remarks made by distinguished UCLA Professor of Public Policy Mark Kleiman who had commented on Britain’s participation in the Opium War. The main point was that the cause of the Opium War was due more to protecting imperial tax revenues and the domestic market than trying to stamp out the opium problem. Opium’s history in China began centuries before, at least during the Tang and maybe as far back as the Eastern Jin. The focus of this episode is on opium’s history in China prior to the Opium War.
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CHP 150 The History of the Hakka People

In this milestone 150th CHP episode Laszlo shines a light on the Hakka people and where they fit in Chinese history. There are no shortages of authoritative sources that all disagree as to their origins ands when the Hakka’s migrated from where to where. Legends and stereotypes surrounded this sub-group of Chinese. But one thing is for sure they  have carved an indelible spot in worldwide Chinese culture. More than 80 million Hakka’s call this solar system their home. Fifty minutes hardly offers a comprehensive look at any culture, let alone 客家文化.  In this episode Laszlo offers a general overview. As always there is plenty of reading you can do and videos you can watch that give you a more satisfying meal than this episode can. Continue reading “CHP 150 The History of the Hakka People”