CHP-160-Jack Jones and the FAU China Convoy 1945-1951

Jack Jones is the bearded one in the image. His story is told today in this little snapshot of a not very well-known organization that operated in 1940’s China. The Friends Ambulance Unit, later re-named the Friends Service Unit, was a Quaker-funded charity that operated ambulances, provided urgent medical care and other charitable services during wartime. In China the China Convoy was created and in consort with the International Relief Committee, distributed medicines, medical supplies and equipment that aided thousands of local and usually impoverished Chinese. Continue reading “CHP-160-Jack Jones and the FAU China Convoy 1945-1951”

CHP-159-Chinese American Stars and Entertainers of Old Hollywood

In this episode Laszlo focuses on the history of Chinese-Americans in the early years of Hollywood. The period will focus on the 1920’s to the 1950’s. During those years Asian-Americans had a rough time in Hollywood trying to break away from stereotypical roles. American laws and attitudes stacked the deck against them but through their sacrifices and perseverance they blazed the trail for today’s generation of Chinese-American movie, theater and TV artists. CHP-159 looks at the lives of Anna May Wong and Jadin Wong as a window into these times. Below are the terms from this episode as well as some resources about Chinese Hollywood and Chinatowns. Continue reading “CHP-159-Chinese American Stars and Entertainers of Old Hollywood”

CHP-155-Joseph Needham Part 1

In this long awaited topic Laszlo introduces “The Man Who Loved China”, Dr. Joseph Needham. A true friend of China for most of his adult life, Needham’s contribution was the epic work “Science and Civilization in China”. Today this massive undertaking is spread out over 24 volumes, 17 of which were written in Needham’s own lifetime. Prior to Joseph Needham getting the word out, China was not getting the respect it deserved for all it’s great contributions to human civilization. He carried out intensive research and brought his findings to the public. In this Part 1 episode we only go up to 1943 and the end of Needham’s first expedition in China.

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CHP-154-The Secret Nüshu Script

In this shorter than usual episode Laszlo introduces a little piece of culture taken from the southern portion of Hunan Province. Generations of illiterate women from a single county on the Hunan-Guangxi border, denied education, created their own writing script. Men never learned it and so it was used by these women to communicate with each other and to record their secret thoughts and inspirations. Almost lost to posterity, Nüshu has made somewhat of a revival and today others are learning it and keeping it alive.
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CHP-153-The History of Opium in China

In this episode Laszlo examines remarks made by distinguished UCLA Professor of Public Policy Mark Kleiman who had commented on Britain’s participation in the Opium War. The main point was that the cause of the Opium War was due more to protecting imperial tax revenues and the domestic market than trying to stamp out the opium problem. Opium’s history in China began centuries before, at least during the Tang and maybe as far back as the Eastern Jin. The focus of this episode is on opium’s history in China prior to the Opium War.
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