About Teacup

Teacup Media is a digital media company that produces podcast shows related to Chinese culture. We believe learning about a different culture is eye-opening and soul-enriching, and we want to provide our audience a platform that offers great Chinese cultural content that is relatable, entertaining, and educational.

We are actively seeking investors who can help us grow Teacup Media. If you are an investor, and interested in learning more about our vision and plan, please visit the investors page.

We are also seeking sponsors and hoping to promote organizations, products, services, and educational programs that serve a similar audience as Teacup Media. If you are interested in advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please see the sponsors page for more information.

The Team

Right now, we just have two people running everything from show development, writing, editing to marketing, social media, etc. We are in need of podcast producers to work with us on existing shows and new ideas. Besides that, if you have a cultural domain you are knowledgeable about, topics interested in, or have any questions or comments, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

Laszlo Montgomery – Show Creator and Host

Southern California-based Laszlo Montgomery is the creator and presenter of the China History, Chinese Sayings, and China Vintage Hour Podcasts. For over twenty-five years, he has worked for China manufacturers, helping them build market share in the U.S. Laszlo learned early the importance of building bridges and appreciating the good things about China and Chinese culture.

After receiving inspiration from the pioneers of the history podcasting genre, he launched the China History Podcast in June 2010.  From his home in Los Angeles, California, he produces a steady flow of podcast episodes that introduce topics from Chinese history and culture.  Laszlo divides his time between writing and producing his China podcast shows and advising Chinese companies in the U.S.

Yujia Zhao – Everything Else

I’m a Chinese girl living in Chicago, fascinated by different cultures. Having lived in both worlds, I feel that eastern and western culture are indeed very different and sometimes the opposite, but such difference is also very inspiring and thought-provoking. I truly believe either side can greatly benefit from learning about the other.